Creating a better way to redeem
all your coupons.

We want to introduce the new ScanOne barcode system that allows you to redeem multiple manufacture's coupons
with the scan of ONE barcode!
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How It Works?


ScanOne provides the only one scan barcode system that allow users to scan, save and redeem manufacturer's coupons at your favorite local grocery store, delivering instant savings and processing time at the register.

Downloading is Quick and Easy.

The ScanOne app is COMING SOON to your choice of  Apple or  Android platforms.

Sign up in 30 seconds or less.

Simply sign up to join ScanOne's FREE membership. The account site is packed full of great brand discount offers and local grocery offers in your area. Now track all your savings in one location.


Every savvy shopper loves to plan a precise and calculated shopping trip when it comes to couponing. ScanOne provides all the tools to plan, organize and map out all shopping trips in advance.

Create a store and organize coupons.

ScanOne allow users to create any national (Walmart, Target) or local (mom & pop) grocery store of your choice to their account. Users can organize and attach saved coupons to the created store's name for a faster checkout. Once you have gathered your items, proceed to the nearest checkout line.

No more clipping, simply scan the barcodes.

Users now have the capability to scan and save manufactured coupons with the ScanOne app. ScanOne eliminates the need to clip & bag paper coupons any more, simply save them to the clouds. The cloud system allows users to retrieve coupons at the push of a button.


Enjoy grocery shopping at your leisure. You will have the ability to view saved coupons as you pick up products to compare. Receive instant alerts in real-time as the coupons are accepted or rejected in one easy to view list. ScanOne has made couponing easy for all, saving valuable time & lots of money.

It's time to shop.

After products are completely scanned at register, simply scan the ScanOne barcode displayed. Once scanned, the coupons are collected and processed through the point-of-sales system at the checkout line. Savings are applied to your bill in real-time and the checkout process is complete.

Watch the savings add up.

Receive instant message alerts of every accepted or rejected coupon in one simple transactions with date and time stamp. All transactions are saved to members' account for viewing at any time. Member's account can be accessed through any smartphone, tablet, ipad or any wi-fi connected device.


Why to choose ScanOne?

There are many variations of coupon apps & online coupon sites, but ScanOne is on a quest to transform mobile couponing in grocery stores. We believe the best way to revolutionize mobile couponing for grocery stores is to create an entirely new collecting, organizing and redemption concept. ScanOne aims to supply the needs of non-couponers, mobile couponers and experienced paper couponers by making the couponing process a simple and quick user experience. We’ve created the mobile-first "ONE" barcode scan system from the ground up — challenging assumptions about how couponing in grocery stores works and redesigning it for all to use.

Real-Time Data Access

Retrieve all your data in real time with our cloud system. Users can track savings, receipts, coupons, in-house and local deals at any time with multiple smart devices.

Social Site Capabilities

Share ScanOne, with friends and families so they too can scan, shop and save just like you. We make it easy to share discount deals with family and friends.

Accurate Data Validation

Accurate, fast and reliable... Delivering accurate data is our top priority.

Consumers & Merchants Satisfaction

We take pride in delivering users 100% satisfaction on our products & services. We here at ScanOne only have one goal... SAVE YOU MONEY!

... And There's More!

ScanOne provides the most comprehensive coverage of up-to-date user's data. Users can quickly find, retrieve and visualize the entire account data. Using a ScanOne User's account, users can navigate, favorites and simple point-and-click functionality, it’s easy to get to data you need quickly and access a variety of options to visualize and analyze that data. Your data can be exported, partially or in full, at your request or at daily, weekly or monthly intervals to any external device or software.

Just A Few of Our Powerful Features

Responsive Layout

With a responsive design, members can access their account from any device that has a wi-fi connection and web-browser.

Secured Data Backup

Never lose coupons, data history, or person info with the S1-cloud System. Automatically back-up everything.

Easy to Customize

Create your account dashboard to display only items you prefer. You have full control.


Sync All Devices

Sync your coupons to any device and view them on the web. Your coupons can be anywhere you are.

Premium Features

Features are design for quick, simple and ease of use. All features are compatible with multiple devices.

Social Capabilities

Share ScanOne so love ones can scan, shop and save. We make it easy to share discount deals with family and friends.


ScanOne takes the hassale out of clipping & bagging grocery coupons. With the tap of a button, you can scan paper coupons, organism them to your favorite store and redeem them all with the single scan of one barcode. All savings will be applied automatically. No need to scan a receipt or wait until savings build up to receive savings.